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Open  AnKeVa_2005_60dept_set1

Problem typequadratic_linear_ordering
Descriptionsingle-row facility layout problem modeled as a quadratic linear ordering problem
Objective sensemin
Variables1771  (1770 binary, 0 general integer, 1 continuous)
Nonlinear variables1
Nonlinear constraints1
Linear nonzeros205320
Nonlinear nonzeros90684
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Best known solution
Best known objective1493704
Best known bound1408049.1
FormulatorUlrike Pagacz
Donatortaken from FLP Database | University of Waterloo
References AnjosKenningsVannelli2005
Links FLP Database | University of Waterloo
Additional informationAn instance of the single-row facility layout problem is formally defined by n one-dimensional facilities with given positive lengths and pairwise non-negative weights. The objective is to arrange the facilities so as to minimize the total weighted sum of the center-to-center distances between all pairs of facilities. This problem can be modeled as a quadratic objective over linear ordering variables.

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