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Authors      Franz Rendl, Giovanni Rinaldi, Angelika Wiegele
TitleSolving Max-Cut to Optimality by Intersecting Semidefinite and Polyhedral Relaxations
JournalMath. Programming, 121:2 (2010) 307
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Authors      M. Minoux
TitleRobust network optimization under polyhedral demand uncertainty is NP-hard
JournalDiscrete Applied Mathematics, 158:5 (2010) 597-603
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Authors      Frauke Liers, Enzo Marinari, Ulrike Pagacz, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi, Vera Schmitz
TitleA Non-Disordered Glassy Model with a Tunable Interaction Range
JournalJournal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, (2010) L05003
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Authors      A. Frank, A. Asuncion
TitleUCI Machine Learning Repository
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Authors      Christoph Buchheim, Angelika Wiegele, Lanbo Zheng
TitleExact Algorithms for the Quadratic Linear Ordering Problem
JournalINFORMS Journal on Computing, 22:1 (2010) 168-177
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Authors      Bissan Ghaddar, Migual Anjos, Frauke Liers
TitleA Branch-and-Cut Algorithm based on Semidefinite Programming for the Minimum k-Partition Problem
JournalAnn. Oper. Res., (2009)
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Authors      André R. S. Amaral
TitleA new lower bound for the single row facility layout problem
JournalDiscrete Appl. Math., 157:1 (2009) 183-190
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Authors      Marc E. Pfetsch
TitleBranch-And-Cut for the Maximum Feasible Subsystem Problem
JournalSIAM J. Optim., 19:1 (2008) 21-38
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Authors      Miguel F. Anjos, Anthony Vannelli
TitleComputing globally optimal solutions for single-row layout problems using semidefinite programming and cutting planes
JournalINFORMS J. Comput., 20:4 (2008) 611-617
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Authors      Edoardo Amaldi, Maurizio Bruglieri, Giuliano Casale
TitleA Two-Phase Relaxation-Based Heuristic for the Maximum Feasible Subsystem Problem
JournalComput. Oper. Res., 5 (2008) 1377-1756
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Authors      Angelika Wiegele
TitleNonlinear optimization techniques applied to combinatorial optimization problems
PublishedUniversität Klagenfurt, 2006
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Authors      Miguel F. Anjos, Andrew Kennings, Anthony Vannelli
TitleA semidefinite optimization approach for the single-row layout problem with unequal dimensions
JournalDiscrete Optim., 2:2 (2005) 113-122
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Authors      Matthias Elf, Michael Jünger, Giovanni Rinaldi
TitleMinimizing Breaks by Maximizing Cuts
JournalOperations Research Letters, 31:5 (2003) 343-349
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Authors      Sunderesh S. Heragu, Andrew Kusiak
TitleMachine Layout Problem in Flexible Manufacturing Systems
JournalOPERATIONS RESEARCH, 36:2 (1988) 258-268
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