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Hard  watercontamination0303

Problem typeMINLPLib2
Objective sensemin
Variables107222  (14 binary, 0 general integer, 107208 continuous)
Nonlinear variables107208
Nonlinear constraints0
Linear nonzeros145907
Nonlinear nonzeros867
Download watercontamination0303.pip.gz watercontamination0303.gms.gz watercontamination0303.mod.gz
Best known solutionwatercontamination0303.sol.gz
Best known objective424.544
Best known bound424.544
OriginatorWater0303.nl from CMU-IBM MINLP project page
FormulatorStefan Vigerske
DonatorStefan Vigerske
References LairdBieglerBloemenWaanders2006
Links MINLP Library 2
Additional informationInverse problem for the determination of contamination sources in municipal water networks. The constraints come from discretized dynamic models of the water network quality model. The objective is the least squares error between calculated and measured network concentrations with a regularization term to force a unique solution. Integer variables are added to restrict the allowable contamination scenarios. Application: Water Network Contamination

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