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mixed-integer programming

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Open  squfl040-080

Problem typeMINLPLib2
Objective sensemin
Variables3240  (40 binary, 0 general integer, 3200 continuous)
Nonlinear variables3200
Nonlinear constraints0
Linear nonzeros9600
Nonlinear nonzeros3237
Download squfl040-080.pip.gz squfl040-080.gms.gz squfl040-080.mod.gz
Best known solutionsqufl040-080.sol.gz
Best known objective263.899
Best known bound110.842
FormulatorStefan Vigerske
DonatorStefan Vigerske
References GuenluekLeeWeismantel2007 GuenluekLinderoth2010 GuenluekLinderoth2012
Links MINLP Library 2
Additional information Separable quadratic uncapacitated facility location problem. A set of customers, each having unit demand, has to be satisfied by open facilities. The objective is to minimize the sum of the fixed cost for operating facilities and the shipping cost which is proportional to the square of the quantity delivered to each customer. Application: Facility Location

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