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mixed-integer programming

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Hard  slay09h

Problem typeMINLPLib2
Objective sensemin
Variables810  (144 binary, 0 general integer, 666 continuous)
Nonlinear variables666
Nonlinear constraints0
Linear nonzeros2880
Nonlinear nonzeros108
Download slay09h.pip.gz slay09h.gms.gz slay09h.mod.gz
Best known solutionslay09h.sol.gz
Best known objective107806
Best known bound107806
OriginatorSLay09H.gms from CMU-IBM MINLP project page
FormulatorStefan Vigerske
DonatorStefan Vigerske
References Sawaya2006
Links MINLP Library 2
Additional informationDetermine the optimal placement of a set of units with fixed width and length such that the Euclidean distance between their center point and a predefined "safety point" is minimized. Application: Layout

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