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Hard  gasprod_sarawak01

Problem typeMINLPLib2
Objective sensemin
Variables131  (38 binary, 0 general integer, 93 continuous)
Nonlinear variables93
Nonlinear constraints34
Linear nonzeros434
Nonlinear nonzeros68
Download gasprod_sarawak01.pip.gz gasprod_sarawak01.gms.gz gasprod_sarawak01.mod.gz
Best known solutiongasprod_sarawak01.sol.gz
Best known objective-32445.4
Best known bound-32445.4
OriginatorGloMIQO_test_library model Sarawak_Scenario1
FormulatorStefan Vigerske
DonatorStefan Vigerske
References selotetal2008 lietal2011aichejournal lietal2011jogo
Links MINLP Library 2
Additional information Li et al. reformulated the natural gas production model of Selot et al. from a general MINLP to MIQCQP. The modeling files corresponding to these problems have been scaled in accordance with the design of Li et al. The 3 test cases are effectively the same problem with a different number of uncertain scenarios. Application: Natural Gas Production

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