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Hard  bip_cross_min.

Problem typequadratic_linear_ordering
Descriptionedge-crossing minimization in bipartite graphs modeled as a quadratic linear ordering problem
Objective sensemin
Variables381  (380 binary, 0 general integer, 1 continuous)
Nonlinear variables1
Nonlinear constraints1
Linear nonzeros13680
Nonlinear nonzeros965
Download bip_cross_min. bip_cross_min. bip_cross_min. bip_cross_min.
Best known solutionbip_cross_min.
Best known objective57
Best known bound57
OriginatorChristoph Buchheim, Angelika Wiegele, Lanbo Zheng
FormulatorUlrike Pagacz
DonatorChristoph Buchheim
References BuchheimWiegeleZheng2010
Additional informationThis instance is for the edge crossing minimization problem in a bipartite graph G. G has to be drawn in the plane so that the nodes of its two shores are placed on two parallel horizontal lines. The task is to minimize the number of edge crossings by permuting the order of nodes on each layer, assuming that all edges are drawn as straight lines. The problem can be modeled as a quadratic objective over linear ordering variables. The instance is from BuchheimWiegeleZheng2010.

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