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Hard  t3g5_5555

Problem typemaxcut
DescriptionQuadratic model for the max-cut instance t3g5_5555
Objective sensemax
Variables126  (125 binary, 0 general integer, 1 continuous)
Nonlinear variables126
Nonlinear constraints1
Linear nonzeros0
Nonlinear nonzeros501
Download t3g5_5555.pip.gz t3g5_5555.gms.gz t3g5_5555.mod.gz t3g5_5555.zpl.gz
Best known solution
Best known objective10933215
Best known bound10933215
Originatorgraph from Biq Mac web page
FormulatorMarc Pfetsch
DonatorMarc Pfetsch
References RendlRinaldiWiegele2010 Wiegele2006
Links Biq Mac web page
Additional informationThis is a quadratic model for the max-cut problem. The graphs are taken from the Biq Mac web page

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