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Easy  data_clique_20.dimacs

Problem typegraphpart
DescriptionQuadratic model for graph partitioning instance data_clique_20.dimacs
Objective sensemin
Variables61  (60 binary, 0 general integer, 1 continuous)
Nonlinear variables1
Nonlinear constraints1
Linear nonzeros41
Nonlinear nonzeros571
Download data_clique_20.dimacs.pip.gz data_clique_20.dimacs.gms.gz data_clique_20.dimacs.mod.gz data_clique_20.dimacs.zpl.gz
Best known solution
Best known objective147
Best known bound147
OriginatorBissan Ghaddar, Miguel Anjos, and Frauke Liers
FormulatorMarc Pfetsch
DonatorMarc Pfetsch
References GhaddarAnjosLiers09
Additional informationThis is a quadratic model for the graph partitioning problem. The graphs are taken from the publication of Ghaddar et al. We used 3 parts of the partition to generate the quadratic instances. The model assigns each node to one of the three parts. Hence, the model is symmetric, which should probably be used in a solution algorithm.

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