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This web site features a collection of polynomially constrained mixed-integer programming instances.

It complements the other collections of nonlinear mixed-integer programming instances:

One idea of this web site is to promote research and the develoment of software to deal with nonlinear formulations of combinatorial optimization problems. Time will tell whether these models and corresponding software to solve them will be competitive with the existing methods.

We think that polynomially constrained programs provide an important type of problems. The instances are easy to write down in a human readable format. Thus, no proprietary software is needed to handle them. We hope that the performance of solution software for these kinds of problems will continue to improve.

So far, there are two programs that can handle the PIP format:

Hopefully, in the future other software will be able to handle the PIP format as well.

In addition, most instances are available in GAMS (*.gms) and AMPL (*.mod) format.

POLIP is hosted at Zuse Institute Berlin.


View POLIP collection by instance
Archive: download current and previous versions of the POLIP collection as tarball
The PIP format: syntax description


3 Dec 2018 Corrected two Bernasconi instances (some variables in bernasconi.20.15 and bernasconi.35.35 were not declared binary, the objectives do not change)
30 Nov 2018 Corrected objective bounds on most Bernasconi instances
24 Nov 2018 Added Hadamard instances.
13 Mar 2014 Added MINLPLib2 instances.
13 Mar 2014 Corrected robust flow instances.
31 Dec 2013 Added robust flow instances.
02 Jun 2011 Added GAMS/AMPL format.
28 Feb 2011 Added MaxFS instances.
24 Jan 2011 Website launched.

POLIP contains contributions by

We request your help!

If you have instances, can provide solutions, or corrections, please tell us! We would like to extend the set of currently provided instances.

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Most of the data files on this site have been converted. Some data were gathered from papers, typed in by hand, or generated by automatic solution extraction programs. While we took every effort to make no mistakes, we cannot guarantee that everything is correct. If you find any errors or have doubts about a solution, please contact us.

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